Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Blogmas: Surviving Christmas Morning Photos

Merry Christmas Eve!! Mackenzie this morning was telling everyone "Happy Birthday." I am not sure if she meant Baby Jesus but hopefully she was. Currently I am swamped in wrapping paper. I got all of the gifts for the family wrapped last night and today will be wrapping the remainder of Mackenzie's presents. We will be leaving right after her nap time for Christmas Eve festivities and won't be arriving home until later tonight. I am hoping to set up Mackenzie's presents before we leave so I can get to bed early. I still am not sleeping great. I am dealing with hip pain, so the earlier I get to bed the better.

Max's First Christmas

Christmas morning the inevitable will happen and the chances double when you have kids that pictures will be taken! In today's age they will be downloaded instantly to the interweb. So here are a few of my tips to surviving the dreaded first thing in the morning photo shoot.

1. Hold the family off for a minute. Okay maybe 10 to 15. Give yourself sometime to compose yourself. These pictures will be shown at your kids wedding, lets get some good ones.

2. Do a 5 min hairstyle. If need be sleep with your hair in a bun or braids the night before, in the morning you will have insta-waves. Try a top knot or fishtail braid. Tame that unruly hair, if you have a lot of fly-a-ways. A little bit of baby oil can help tame it.

3. Do a 5 min face. I love tinted moisturizer! Use some of that concealer, mascara, and maybe a little blush. Much better!
4. Put on some cute jammies. My family buys new jammies each year. If you don't do that, make sure you have something better on then your holey t shirt. If need be, leggings and a hoodie are a good backup.

5. Get some coffee or hot cocoa. Something to help wake you up.

6. Smile! If you want while you are doing your makeup put on some lip gloss. Also, try to remember these are family members taking the photos. There are going to be some funky ones.

Have fun and enjoy the moment!

Max Christmas Eve last year

Now what you really came here to find out. Who won the legging giveaway? 
First of all I want to thank Kathy from LuLaRoe for sponsoring this giveaway.

Also, I want to thank everyone for entering! You made this giveaway a success. I hope to do more in the future.

And the winner is.........

Vanessa Reiter

I will be sending out your leggings soon!


Have a Merry Christmas!
After Christmas I will be returning to my regular blogging schedule.

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  1. I won!!! Yay! I'm excited! Merry Christmas (even though its a couple of days late)!